Tote Cappuccino (Free Toiletry Pouch)

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Product Description :

Introducing the ultimate accessory for the modern professional, the sleek and stylish laptop bag designed to carry laptops . Whether you're on your way to work or planning a trip, this bag is the perfect companion. With three expandable compartments and multiple interior pockets, you'll have plenty of space to carry all your essentials.


Sleek Design:

  • Designed with modern professionals in mind, the bag boasts a sleek and stylish exterior that radiates sophistication. Its aesthetic appeal enhances the overall professional image.

Spacious Interior:

  • Featuring three expandable compartments and multiple interior pockets, this bag provides an abundance of space to organize and carry all essential items. From laptops to documents, everything finds its place effortlessly.

Versatile Size:

  • Versatility is key with the  bag, accommodating laptops up to 16" diagonally. This ensures compatibility with various devices, offering a practical solution for professionals with diverse technological needs.

Smart Organization:

  • The bag's thoughtful design includes a shortened zipper track for quick access to a water bottle and two side compartments tailored to fit laptops up to 16". This smart organization enhances convenience during busy days.

Luxurious Materials:

  • Crafted from the finest vegan ultrafiber leather and lined with tan microsuede, the Freja laptop bag not only exudes durability but also offers a touch of luxury. The choice of materials underscores its commitment to both style and substance.

Elegant Hardware:

  • Elevating the bag's overall aesthetic, light gold hardware adds a touch of elegance. Every detail, including the hardware, is meticulously chosen to contribute to the bag's refined and sophisticated appearance.


  • Weighing a mere 2.6 lbs, the  bag is designed for the modern traveler. Its compact size allows it to fit comfortably under most airplane seats, making it an ideal companion for daily use and travel alike.

Premium Experience:

  • This bag offers more than just functionality; it presents a premium experience. Every aspect, from materials to design, is curated to provide users with a superior blend of practicality and fashion.


  • SIZE : 33 x 12.5 x 25.5 CM
  • WEIGHT : 2.6 LBS


    • Spot clean with mild soap and water for a fresh look.
    • Avoid harsh chemicals; they can harm the materials.
    • Don't overload; it maintains shape and durability.
    • Gentle handling prolongs the bag's lifespan.
    • Prevent scratches; avoid contact with sharp items.
    • Periodic checks ensure zippers and straps function smoothly.
    • Shield from heavy rain for long-lasting elegance.