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5 Reasons Why Clutch Bags Are Making A Comeback

5 Reasons Why Clutch Bags Are Making A Comeback - INKMILAN

Seen strolling from show to show, the fashion set tuck their clutch bags under their arm for nonchalant style. Whether they’re in a classic envelope shape or a pouch style, something about a clutch bag scrunched up under the arm or held in their hand as if it was grabbed last minute on the way out, makes them the ultimate low maintenance, high-impact bag. But not only for aesthetics, clutch bags are lightweight but usually far roomier than expected, meaning you can carry all your essentials without feeling weighed down or ruining your outfit with a distracting bag strap. For low maintenance style and feel, clutch bags are a win-win.  


That being said, a clutch bag will always be an easy go-to for formal occasions. Matching your clutch bag to your shoes is a fool-proof recipe for great formal wear, and clutch bags avoid dimming the sparkle of your look with a bulky bag that doesn’t quite match. To spruce it up for this new clutch bag comeback, we’d opt for a clutch with a little extra pizazz like a wristlet, or try out a different shape, looking towards a pouch rather than the traditional envelope clutch bag. 


Clutch bags add a fun, high-low twist to an outfit, bridging the camp between formal and minimalist. Pair a clutch bag with straight-leg jeans and an outsized coat for an interesting formal touch, or tucked a pouch-style clutch bag under your arm to pair with a maxi smock dress to double down on the easy-breezy vibes. Either way, a clutch bag is far less expected than a typical shoulder bag or a tote, so can help revitalize an old outfit with a different take on accessorizing 


From little pouches that will hold your lipstick and cardholder, to envelope clutch bags that will hold the novel you’re working your way through, their sizes as just as versatile as their styles. As the clutch bag has escaped the realm of formalwear, the style has expanded to be customizable for any event, need, or ability to pack light. At fashion weeks across the world, women are seeing carrying clutches as big as overnight bags that could fit everything and the kitchen sink in them, so the worry that a clutch won’t fit your essentials is long gone. Usually made up of one large pocket, clutch bags are far roomier than they look and are being designed in increasingly bigger and more versatile sizes, ready to be carried to any occasion. 


You should invest in the clutch bag comeback because you’re getting two bags in one. You’ll find that most clutch bag styles also come with a detachable strap, so you can wear them in several ways depending on whether you want a clutch or crossbody bag that day. Or beyond that, when traveling your clutch can easily double up as a makeup bag or a pouch to store documents, serving dual functions. Being such a simple style makes a clutch bag super versatile, able to swap and change straps, be dressed up or down day or night, so you know you’ll get plenty of wear out of a new clutch bag addition to your collection. 

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