Our Top Picks For Practical Purposes

Our Top Picks For Practical Purposes - INKMILAN

1. Duffel Bag 

This one doesn't really warrant much of an explanation, and is more of a unisex carry-on than a handbag for women, although there are silhouettes and styles meant specifically for the latter category. A duffel bag is a large, cylindrical bag with two straps and rounded ends, preferred for carrying moderately heavy luggage, such as when you're heading to the gym or even for a small trip. The name of this bag originated in Belgium and stands for the material originally used to make it. 


2. Laptop Bag

Again, this is a very practical uni-sex bag meant primarily for carrying a laptop, along with other knick-knacks. A laptop bag is typically used by office-goers for its multiple compartments and the ample space inside the bag. Usually horizontal and rectangular in shape, a laptop bag would moistly feature heavy padding to protect the device kept inside. It is attached to a long, wide, and comfortable strap, with the length typically being adjustable. 



3. Messenger Bag 

The functionality of a messenger bag is appreciated by both men and women in equal measure, although the size tends to lean towards smaller in the latter category of users. The name originates from the bags traditionally used by postmen, but the modern version is sleeker and more elegant, with materials like leather and canvas being amongst the most commonly used. These are medium-sized rectangular bags with a long, thick, and wide strap, and a fold-over front flap with a clasp. 



4. Backpack Purse 

We all know what a backpack is, but one in the size and fit of a typical handbag has gained prominence in recent times. A backpack purse is a smaller and more stylish variation of the typical large backpack, commonly featuring details and embellishments. The specific size and silhouette vary considerably and can be anywhere from a rucksack to palm-sized. Off late, we've seen backpack purses in leather and canvas, with gold zippers, tassels or metallic studs used as adornments. 


5. Barrel Bag

As the name suggests, this bag comes in the cylindrical shape of a barrel and is usually medium to small in size. Barrel bags typically have shorter shoulder straps, top zipper closure, and a reasonable amount of room inside. The bag can be dressy or casual depending on the specific design you pick. 



6. Belt Bag 

A recent hit amongst Instagram influencers, the belt bag has been one of the most trending pieces of the season. This makes sense because of how effortlessly it can amp up your outfit's style quotient, while also serving practical needs. A belt bag is usually in the form of a small zippered pouch with a buckled belt as a strap, meant for wearing around the waist. It's also known as a fanny bag, although belt bags lean more towards style and class than utility, unlike fanny packs. 


7. Weekender Bag 

The difference between a duffel bag and a weekender bag is in the size and purpose, with the latter usually being larger and roomier. As the name suggests, the weekender bag is meant for short travel requirements like a weekend getaway, and the bag has come into the popular spotlight recently. It's extremely spacious and typically comes with both a pair of short straps and a long wide adjustable strap. It's similar to a hold-all bag with an open-top but will usually come in a material like your classic leather or printed canvas. 


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