Charm and Chic Combo

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Step into the world of chic organization with our dynamic duo : The Charm Tote Bag and The Large Capacity Travel Cosmetic Bag.

Welcome to the epitome of sophisticated organization – where style meets functionality in perfect harmony. Introducing our dynamic duo. Elevate your daily routine with the seamless blend of fashion and practicality.

1. Charm Tote Bag

Embark on a journey of refinement with our exclusive Charm Tote Bag from the Elegance Collection – a paragon of sophistication tailored to seamlessly accompany you from casual engagements to formal affairs, elevating your ensemble with timeless grace.

The Charm Tote Bag, meticulously designed to embody understated luxury, is available in a singular, thoughtfully curated size. Perfectly proportioned, it offers an expanse of space to accommodate your daily essentials with an air of unassuming opulence.The Charm Tote Bag is a timeless beauty that effortlessly blends sophistication into any look. Its exterior exudes an everlasting sense of style, seamlessly complementing any outfit. Meticulously crafted with impeccable details, this bag is sure to capture attention and admiration wherever your journey leads.
From professional pursuits to social soirées and weekend retreats, the Charm Tote Bag effortlessly adapts, epitomizing versatility with an unwavering commitment to sophistication. A refined accessory for every facet of life, it stands as your steadfast companion in elevating your style.

  • Size : 11.8 *13.4 *5.2 IN
  • Material : Crafted from high-quality
2.  Large Capacity Travel Cosmetic Bag.

Introducing our Travel Cosmetic Bag – a stylish and practical solution for your beauty essentials. With a large capacity and thoughtful design, this bag keeps your cosmetics organized and easily accessible. Crafted from premium PU leather, it offers durability and water-resistant protection. A convenient and versatile travel companion, perfect for any occasion.

At the opening of the makeup bag a steel wire is inserted inside, which can make the bag more three-dimensional and more comfortable to fetch, it's a good travel makeup bag.

Made of premium PU leather fabric, the special water-resistant surface to prevent internal products from getting wet.

This makeup bag not only stores your cosmetics, but also jewelry, electronic accessories, camera, essential oil, toiletries, shaving kit, glasses, valuable objects, and so on.


  • Weight : 290g
  • Material : PU Leather
  • Size 12* 24 *10 CM


  • Clean regularly with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Adapt usage to their intended purpose.
  • Avoid sharp objects. 


  • 1 * The Charm Tote Bag
  • 1 * The Large Capacity Travel Cosmetic Bag.