Doppelganger Priyanka Chopra’s Designer Handbags

Doppelganger Priyanka Chopra’s Designer Handbags - INKMILAN

In some way or another, Priyanka Chopra finds her direction to the top features whether she's marking another Hollywood film or going to the royal wedding. Like all her dresses, the one thing that makes the highlights is her designer handbag. Over the years we have seen Priyanka Chopra carrying various designer bags. 

But let's be honest, she is “Priyanka Chopra”, all her bags are by famous brands and cost a ton of money. These bags are probably not the best choice for women working hard to fulfil their dreams 

Does that mean that we can not have those bags? 

Absolutely Not!

Now the question arises is how in the world are we gonna afford these expensive bags. 

We can not!!!

But we can afford their doppelgangers.

Yes! You heard that right “a doppelganger”

We can invest in similar bags to follow our favorite Priyanka Chopra.

Inkmilan has some similar-looking bags to hers. Have a look at these designer bags and you’ll see the similarity.

Note: We have compared these bags in terms of their looks. The color and pattern can be different, but we have tried our best to give you similar-looking bags in size and shape so you can find your inner celeb.

Trapeze Handbag

 inkmilan best sling bag

Square Metal Handbag

 inkmilan best sling bag

Plaid Profession Handbag

 inkmilan best sling bag

Oscar Handbag

 inkmilan designer handbag

Anti Theft Backpack

 backpack for women

Mosta Minch

 inkmilan designer handbag

Rivet Handbag

inkmilan best sling bag

Pattern Chain Bag

inkmilan best sling bag

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